Friday, 19 October 2012

Window shopping in London

Today I went for a stroll in Regent Street, as I love Liberty and many shops along the way..... I noticed again that the fashion shop OASIS in Argyll Street has wonderful windows, and as I have a Diploma in Visual Merchandise I really appreciate the creativity behind some brilliant ideas in the past year. Feast your eyes for some quirky sewing themes.....

This is the current window, with a huge out of scale retro armoire filled with glass jar containing wool and fabrics.... really cool and gorgeous!
Inside the shop hall there is a retro car with a huge pile of luggage, sewing accessories ( note a giant tape measure) much fun for a sewing theme lover like myself!!!!

What about last summer "princess and the pea" theme, a giant bed with lots of matressess piled on top of each other with a great "patchwork effect"...when I saw it I gasped with pleasure....what a feast to the eye!!!! Love the fabrics!

This is an other old display I really enjoyed: a giant doll house!!!! Joy, joy and more joy!

An other giant "sewing" theme display: this time a huge knitting ball and jumper on a out of scale chair! So much fun!

I wonder what will come next...can't wait to be surprised again!

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