Friday, 26 October 2012

Thrifty Sewing: Home Decoration - Session 1 Vintage Fabric

I have been very busy sewing in the past few days to give a "lift" to my sitting room and make use of some of the great vintage fabrics I have been collecting in the last months, so here is my :

DECOR RECIPE n.1 - Vintage Magazine / Book rack made pretty pretty.


Vintage Atomic/50' Magazine rack
Vintage fabric
Buttons +Ribbons

Time: 1 Hour
I found this cute but sad Atomic 50' magazine rack in the Fleetville Vintage Emporium ( check my previous Blog with all useful addresses for vintage bargain hunting!), it had been a while I had been looking for one of those. But it lacked colour and definitely needed cheering up. So I suddenly thought about my vintage fabric stash....and here we are:

Very simple cutting 2 rectangles and sewing straight edges.
I choose a 50' Barcloth & retro 70' bedding fabric.

I checked the size and made sure they fit ( almost!)

Then I chose some pretty threads, ribbons and buttons to fit the fabric, each rectangle to the frame.

Here is the result, very pretty...and easy.

Very nice! I like it! Hope you do too....let me know!


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