Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Vintage & Modern Crochet Pot Holder Mania!

It has been a gloomy week in London, cold and grey so I feel the need for some colour injection and what better than Crochet Pot Holders!!!????

I love crochet and will try to learn, well it is in my infinite list of "to do" !

So for the time being, as I do not have any ...yet ( I have tried to bid several times in America success though!) so I am a bit frustrated and trying to fix this need by surfing the net as second best kind of Therapy ( easy on the pocket too!) and found so many interesting the vintage pattern books and magazines too.....

They are very good to brighten up walls and to use as mug rugs too... and what about super cute bunting  !



 I hope you will enjoy this small collection of Pot Holders picture gallery, so many to choose! xx

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