Wednesday, 24 October 2012


I love aprons....I have many, all kinds, shapes, modern, vintage, half aprons, cook bib aprons..... there is always space for more...well not really, but let's not dwell on the big bags under the dining table!

Vintage patterns are great retro graphic inspirations... I am preparing lots of apron wraps made with vintage upcycled fabrics.... wait and see on Etsy....soon!

So here is a picture gallery of mixed kinds and styles.....aren't they beautiful!?


I wish I had a big and luscious garden to display my collection, but ..... well I don't, I wish I was the girl in the prairie ...but I am not, so here some wonderful images of some girls luckier than me!!!!

Let's get into the kitchen now...hubby is home!  xxxx

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