Thursday, 25 October 2012

Barbie ..... a place like heaven!

There was a time when I dreamed Barbie night and day (day dreaming!), I would wait anxiously for any new dolls, accessories coming out on the stores shelves to ....grab with palpitations! I still exchange precious infos with my friend Abbie, who shares the same fever (I believe she caught it from me, but she was a good candidate already ...."dollhouse lover"!)

Now the fever has somewhat calmed down, well my house is saturated so.... natural event!

So I could not believe that I missed out the very existence of a wonderful place .... a super Barbie Store in ...Shangay.
Ok . it is not round the corner, but it would have warmed my heart just knowing that such a wonderful devine place could exist on Earth!!!! And imagine my disappointment when , at the very hype of this incredible discovery I also find that ...... the place actually closed down few months ago!

WHY??????????  WHY?????????????????????WHY?????????????????????????WHYYYYYYYYYY???????????????????

While I am suffering with bitter disappoinment I can only enjoy the wonderful pictures .....almost like from an other planet.....


Dream Barbie Home in USA....I would live here!

Now I could do with a Barbie pink Capuccino or cocktail!
Dream on !

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