Sunday, 21 October 2012

Where to buy Vintage and Retro fabric and home treasures!

I am busy sewing right now, as I have been very lucky recently and found great fabric bargains around London so I would like to share some of the Trade Secrets..... because I know how it feels when you find a beautiful old Barkcloth, vintage linens, faded curtains and your heart starts beating fast and your mind erupts elaborate ideas to make use of strange finds and give them a new life and appreciation!

Last month it all started at the Renegade Fair in  Spitafields - London, back from the Usa.
I was very excited as I love the area and I was not disappointed: I met lots of independent crafters and bought some vintage textiles at a very reasonable price!


These photoes are taken from the site which offers great ideas ...I wish I could visit the location in the US, they sound so organised!

Then 2 weeks ago I went to Alexandra Palace - Sew Knit and Stitch Exhibition, such a huge crowd, such a kaleidoscopic background of fabrics and artists! My head was spinning around like crazy, hordes of women pushing to get closer to the stands and grab whatever.....I did my bit of shopping too...HA!

I suggest you bring a good carrier bag and get organised, even if you are not counting on buying much, as once you are there it is quite impossible to resist, I had a backpack and it was full by the end of the 2 hand carrier bags!!!!
Also go there "light" is very hot because of the glass roof and.....the busy crowds!!!

Hand knitted tea cakes.... great for the diet!!!! 

Next destination .....The Vintage Emporium in Fleetville - St Albans!
I was driving one day heading to the Wednesday morning Market in St Albans Town Centre, one of my favorite destinations as it is a wonderful old place with super little shops....and I got lost driving, I can say this does not happen very often, but it was worth as I saw with the corner of my eye the Vintage Shop windows in a fraction of a second so....imagine the scene....I brake suddenly (lucky nobody was behind!) and found a parking space.....and discovered an Aladdin cave! I do not visit big Antique markets as the access is difficult in the Country, so this is a perfect option to have half an hour stroll back in time!
The smell is typical, as all charity shops it is a bit "musty" but you get used to it and it adds to the character of the place!!!!
There is also a cute retro Cafe'...little jem!


At the back there is a "secret" further vintage Emporium, "Scally DOG" ( Scally really exists, he is quite big and friendly and usually sits by the front entrance! Do not be scared!

Then...sometimes I venture in London town centre and visit Alfies', similar proposition, lots of quirky vintage boutiques and super cafe on the top floor!

Great vintage fashion.....if you are a skinny not for me...sig!
Then what about beautiful Shoredich, I discovered this part of London just recently ....what a dream!
Columbia Road is a super quiet street with a Flower Market and fantastic retro shops ( Vintage Heaven is the best), cafes and a great fabric shop!
Try, try, try!

Not far at all but same magic is ...London Spitafields! Wonderful streets, shops, retro vibe, weekly market, world cuisine food stalls......
I visit twice a month as I love the vibrant feel, the smells, the colours......can't stop!!!!

 It is worth to search the web for weekly information as each Sunday there are different events and shopping opportunities!

Brick Lane and Cheshire Street have great vintage shops and ....super chic retro Hairdresser!

I think this is all for now....I am going back to my much to little time! Ciao xx

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