Monday, 22 October 2012

Bold Fashion Print & Pattern 2012

I can't help but salivate for the amasing fashion advertising campaigns 2012 in most magazines out now ...the first pages are taken over by splendid Louis Vuitton and Prada is a feast of colour, pattern and textures.... accessories are so special - see enormous hats and graphic shoes!
I am not sure I would venture out dressed like that ( as if I had the money to buy even a sock!) and look like a magnificent sofa with 2 legs!

I love the disproportionate huge hats! The train ambience is so elegant and weird at the same time!

I looooooove Prada....... is there anything visually more beautiful than these textiles!?

Shoes to die for...literally I only wear All Stars so I should know, but if only I could own some of these fantastic shoes, any size, to keep on a shelf, on a wall, under my pillow...Miuccia if you hear my plea!

These shots are really beautiful.


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