Thursday, 11 October 2012

London Renegade Craft Fair in Spitafields & Stitch Exhibition in Alexandra Palace

It has been a year today since I started learning about fabrics and getting hooked with sewing, textiles, patchwork, stitching, crochet, vintage today I was so excited to visit the Alexandra Palace Sewing Exhibition second time round...where it all started ... 12 months ago!

I went with a large bag and a small .....purse, full of excitement and expectations....and I was not disappointed!!!

It was the first of 4 days, and early morning it was already so busy!!!! So many women of all ages and...sizes, buzzing around stalls, thousands of them!!!! Almost electrics in the air....sooo much fun!

I did not feel alone! I selected a few stalls with great of the pops : The Eternal Maker. Here some purchases:

                                                         Gorgeous  Japan imported fabrics: Kokka is the best, isn't it?!
      Modern fabrics have joined my beloved vintage stack.... growing every week!
     And what about Amy Butler ....I am always enchanted with the vibrant colours and geometric patterns!
                                                 And some lace and doilies too!
                                                                    Some treasured Danish retro bedding captured on Etsy!
                                                               And more cute vintage children prints bought on Ebay.
                                                                                            Florals from the 70'
                                                           Novelty modern prints....bellissimi!
                                                              And a aged 50' vintage tablecloth
                                                              Can't wait to upcycle all these fantastic bundles! A presto. xx

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