Sunday, 28 October 2012

Books - Retro Colour and Pattern - Home Decor

I like to choose bright prints and patterns in the home, here some examples:

I like Babycham Graphics...I found a huge lot of Vintage Coasters at Spitafields Fair....I just love them, I use them as wall decoration and craft projects!

 These are my glass cutting boards in the the Retro Design!

More children books Retro Prints...they are so cool!

I collect Retro Wrapping Paper...this book is a fantastic source of ideas!

I got this cook book just for the pictures!!!!

My new Cushion: I love Spitafields in London, wonderful London East End when I saw this cushion...I could not resist!

For a Retro Textile and Fashion lover like me, this book is really great for ideas!

This one many inspired Fashion examples.

These 3 pics from my own Retro "Wardrobe Archive"!

N. 1 Retro MAN: the Best, the One and Only....Forever... Dreamer!

I would like to design my own I can recommend these 2 books as a fantastic source of ideas and useful information.

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