Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Inspiration: Retro Print, Colour & Pattern

Vintage patterns are interesting in so many ways: I love the girly pictures, bright colours, retro fashion, colours and shapes, so many ideas, sewing possibilities....it's memory lane!!!!

 Old buttons are perfect for so many craft projects or just decoration around the home!

Retro Bingo, Lotto and Memory cards are so cute, I have a vast collection!
Children books are ....my other weakness....can't have enough!

 Nostalgic retro graphics.....so cute!

 Can't believe these are fabrics!!!! Can't bring myself to cut them! Crazy!

More vintage Lotto and Memory cards.....I did say there are so many around !

Eames coasters: I saw tham recently and had to have them: in fact I bought the matching placemats a week later!
Wrapping paper: I buy as I see new interesting and bright patterns...you never know when you might need some !
 Same for novelty fabric: great for cards, pockets, patchwork, fashion details....

I found these 1962 magazines for sale in a Vintage fair for £ 2.00 each! TOO CUTE!

I love granny squares...I am learning to crochet....very slow!

Patterns, Print and Colour are everywhere in the home: I love these bright retro sweet containers!

I made this button jar in 5 minutes: a salvaged jam jar, a scrap of vintage fabric, string and a cute Bambi sticker! Great!
Tea with a difference: it's not a tea pot but a watering can in disguise.... note the cute mug with crochet bobbins!
Lovely napkins made with French fabric! Tres chic!!!!
Eames mugs ..cute as a button!
Retro Tins are a favourite too: I love these Marks & Spencer tin boxes.

More M&S tin boxes......good enough to eat!

This "All Wrapped Up" book is full of great images from the 60'! FANTASTIC!

.........To be continued!

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