Monday, 29 October 2012

Fat Lava Pottery

Yesterday I was watching "Antiques Roadshow" on TV and I discovered a new passion for..... Fat Lava Pottery!!!!

These ugly and nonetheless beautiful pots and vases are very collectable, cheap as chips and soooo colourful! They work very well in a display -  group of  5-9 vases in  different shapes, colours and sizes.

There are infinite styles, the main manufacturers started  production in the Modernist Era, West Germany, from mid 30' till 70' and some are still going on manufacturing although quality varies.

Look out on eBay or car boot sales and charity shops...if you are lucky!!!!
The most popular are Bay, Caramano, Roth, Ruscha, Scheurich.....

I just love them, because they are so bright and the shapes are amazing! I am sure they are a great investment!
As soon as I figure out a space where to put some of these beauties, which has not yet been taken by fabrics and toys, then I will start a new collection as well!

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