Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Dollhouses & Dolls - Part 2

Following my recent visit to the the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green - East London I have been thinking about my dolls and dollhouses with pride and joy, I am not so cooko after all!

And I am not ALONE!

There are so many doll lovers out there, most have grey hair so this makes me feel better in my holy quest to accumulate as many cute dolls as possible ( I am at a stage where I hide them, everywhere, you may spot a leg here and there under my bed!).

The garage is full, as well, so this is a problem I guess! Hum!

My favorite doll is still the beloved Barbie, she was my First Love..... as a child I had just one that did not bend her legs ( I did try however, until she got broken, ups!) and very few clothes, so I was very frustrated ( maybe this early trauma has caused the recent need-urge to grab as many Barbies as I can.... you never recover from this!
Thinking about it, I never heard of a Betty Ford "holiday" to cure doll addiction! I guess it is harmless.


Problem...there are too many Barbies out there!!!

But then the problem got bigger as I started to discover other new dolls!

Sindy, for example, such a sweet could one resist!?!





And then I saw a picture of Blythe......and it was the end! Lucky for me Blythe dolls were manufactured in 1972 and were not too successful then so disappeared from the Market place! Now they are ever so popular but the originals are hard to find, not many out there and ...very expensive so I collect pictures and books about her instead !

Like the fantastic Photo Art Cards by Zoe Power on Etsy...divine!

You may also find a Magazine with clothes patterns just to fit your Blythe! Adorable!

Then I came across the Utube video and pictures of this girl's dollhouse and felt sooooo jealous!
( I bet her mum is like me in incognito!)

 Melissa Goodsell beautiful dollhouse....I LOVE IT!


What about this Blythe Hive!!! Gorgeous!
To be continued!

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