Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Half an hour craft project!

I like to recycle nice pre-loved objects around the home... and I seem to get lots of Jam and Nutella jars in the blue bin.... so I have used some of my scraps of lovely vintage fabrics to create useful stationary holders, pen holders, crochet and knitting hooks holders...whatever you like!

I have hand sewn the fabric around each jar, with some extra lace, ribbons and buttons..... I like the cute Bambi mini jar ( it was a pepper container in it's former life!).... very useful to tidy up a messy table with all my kids pens and pencils!!!

I suggest you find the best fabric as, like in cooking, by using the best ingredients you get the best flavours and results!!!!

The pink apple jar is actually made with a cute self ashesive wrapping paper, also very easy and pleasing result!


I have ordered 3 x great craft books about "the Craft Challenge"! They are really great and offer many ideas to upcycle Tea Towels ( my favorite textiles, I love the used rough texture!), Pillowcases and Scarves! I collect many of these and can find lots useful ideas!!!!

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