Friday, 9 November 2012

Upcycled Pot Holders - Mug Rugs

I am enjoying creating a bundle of handmade items out of  Vintage and upcycled textiles as I have decided to open my Etsy Shop at the beginning of I have a long list of aprons, quilts, scarves, bags, cushions, kitchen and table items, dolls..... I have so many ideas..... and can't wait to show them all here!

Today it's Pot Holders turn! I made them with two Scottish Wool scarves and stitched fabric scraps by Michael Miller and other lovely novelty  prints such Kokka and Melody Miller. I also used ribbons, lace and a recicled Kath Kidston tie to create useful hooks.

Have a look: they are great to cheer up the kitchen or keeping cosy your cuppa of tea!


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