Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A passion for Jedite Green....50' Retro Colour!

I love some colours more than others: now I seek Orange, Pink and Jedite Green - 50' pastel green!

I love it so much that when I discovered some Jedite reproductions in Liberty - Regent Street London I was instantly won over and bought a jug, bowls, cake stands..... and they all sit proud in my cabinet dresser next to my Orange tea set 70' style!
I love the glow and the green tone...so pretty!

I envy those lucky collectors in the USA where there is a large supply of original Vintage Jedite ....these are some images to admire:

I love it so much that I would have everything green@: Kitchen cabinets, fridge, cooker, accessories.....

Even a Vespa and a 500!

Yes ...I am a bit crazy!

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