Thursday, 22 November 2012

How to craft a practical and simple Zakka Style Apron

Zakka is a very popular Japanese Style: it is about crafting all things useful and pretty in the home.

In sewing projects the main and best "ingredient" is Linen, mixed with the best quality fabrics you can get! It is also about simplicity and functionality, with a reference to the Scandi Style. So I have created a ZAKKA Apron to be proud of!

It is my Zakka interpretation!

The main Apron fabric is 100% Linen, I got mine in Ikea as I like it and it is quite reasonably priced!
There are some new fantastic prints too!

The straps are upcycled from a 60' Duvet cover, I have cut one long side, pinned and sewn to the top side.

I made one pocket with a fab fabric designed by Tamara Garvey on Etsy. I love the deep Orange and the Sewing Notions theme.

One other pocket is Japanese fabric, as well as stitched decor patch.

Now my new Zakka Apron is ready to wear! Great !

My favourite fabric suppliers for Zakka projects are on Etsy: Ayumill, and Blijie Olifantje!

There are some great books on the market to find lots of craft ideas! These are some of my picks: Rashida Coleman Hale has published a fantastic selection of Zakka projects, with beautiful pictures too!

I have 3 more Aprons ready to show next week, each with its own personality ! ... It is amazing how many styles can be achieved by picking different fabrics!

Also there is a great advantage that each Apron is a project in progress: it is always possible to add a patch, a lace, a trim or a doily or crochet few weeks after it was finished.....there is plenty of space to add on depending on the mood you are!

Let me know which ones you prefer and why!

I have to think what to sew you have any suggestions? I am planning tableware, scarves, blankets, bags, cushions, dolls.....I have too many ideas!!! My brain is working very hard at present !!!


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