Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Old and new Dollhouses.... and dolls! The V&A Museum of Childhood

Last Sunday I went on an jolly expedition to the V & A  Museum of Childhood in East London  with my son! Yes ... a Toy Museum, my kind of place to enjoy and relax...well that is if I was alone, but I wasn't!

I will explain:

It should not have been such a special event but it was in fact a success as my 2 previous attempts had been...failures!

I have to explain: my son in 7 years old and on the Autistic Spectrum, so in the past I have attempted to do all the kind of things you do with your children, but with him it was mostly a challenge as nothing went the way you would expect or wish for!

So the first time we made it there he was maybe 4, by the time we got there on the Underground we were axhausted and all he wanted to do was run around and not look at a single display! Imagine my frustration with all the beautiful Doll houses...

Second attempt, 5 years old, pretty much the same, except that the obsession for lifts was at its highest, so we just kept running after him up and down the 3 flloors (lucky it's only 3!) in the lifts.... Exhaustion!

So you will understand my inner doubts about last Sunday, but I have to say  that it wasn't too bad, I managed to view my beloved dollhouses (somehow together, ish) as well and grab a very nice lunch in the lovely restaurant!

So I can really recommend the place, even with "not so easy" little customers!

The vintage dollhouses are breathtaking, so have a look at some pictures to entice you to a visit!





Currently is Punch and Judy Special time, with diplays and shows to enjoy!

Next time I will search for inspirational current doll houses around the net!
Lots of fun!
Cup of tea anyone!!??

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