Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Vintage Tea Towels are fun!

I really like Tea Towels, not just in the kitchen, but Vintage Towels with unusual or Retro designs.
They are great to be upcycled and transformed into new textile items, quilts, aprons, cushions, even upholstered furniture.
Here are some examples fetched on Etsy and Ebay.

I really like Map and Souvenir Towels, they have great graphics and stand out when quilting craft projects.

These are repro USA Vintage Towels, great vibrant colours!

These are UK Towels, quite dark with lots of browns and blues, still interesting when mixed with other prints!
They can be cut into squares for quilting, or even to create an apron pocket !

They are great even when folded for display!

I was surprised to find that Vintage Tea Towels are .... an item in Australia, and they are used for many home designs:

Suzie Stanford Upholstery

A very cute apron!

A bright cushion!

Wall art!
A pretty skirt!

Cheery totes and bags!

Nikki Trench fantastic Vintage Tea Towel quilt Tablecloth

Crafty Squirrel Shop in Melbourne... I LOVE this place, wish I was round the corner!


Madeleine Sargent bright quilt! Love this one!

Jo Grant beautiful quilt

Also great fabrics with Map prints are fabulous!
Here is a selection by Michael Miller, Alexander HEnry, Timeless Treasure, Robert Kaufmann

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