Tuesday, 20 November 2012

An apron a day......... 5 - Bambi style ! I almost said Gangnam style!!

Today is Bambi 's Apron turn! Again! Why not! He is so cute!

I cut a new Cath Kidston Tea Towel to make a large side pocket ( it was a difficult task as I struggle to destroy fabric even if I aim to create something new and beautiful.....so I bought a spare...yes I am a bit OCD!!!!!)

Then I upcycled a nice vintage bedding sheet found in a charity shop in Cambridge, well I can say that I bought there 3 vintage duvet covers, as soon as I saw them I grabbed them ...problem was I had to take them home...and I was on foot and waiting for a bus to catch a train, and then the tube, so it was too heavy and I was not so happy by the time I got home!)
( Just to explain the extra charge when it goes on Etsy....just joking!!!)

Moral of the story@ if you are a fabric geek ...stop and count to ten and think before you buy!

Anyway, going back to this apron, I also created a second large pocket from a vintage crochet giant doily, some red lace for the low side and vintage fabrice for the ties...more Michael Miller novelty Retro stitched patches, a green doily ....and voila'!

Hope you like it!

Hope this is not too much of an Apron overload! Still to come...Zakka style, Kawaii style, and then I promise I will move on for something different...I promise! xxx

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