Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Retro Eames Table - Plant Stand and Vintage Sewing Box

I really like the shape of 50' furniture: slim design, slanted table legs ( Ercol style). Unfortunately I have no space for new large furniture so I was delighted when I discovered a super cute miniature option: an Eames planter. Recently discovered on Ebay I have been in pursue ever since!

Problem is....everybody else seems to share the same passion, as usually happens.....so prices rocket so quickly that I am outbid in a dash! Yesterday a cute red one went for £ 270.oo, some reach £ 380.00 so I was very disappointed. Imagine my happiness when I managed to grab my very own mini table ...from a seller next to my work place and very reasonable price !
Seller was so kind to deliver it to me this afternoon so it sits now proud next to me....this is it:

It is really small and fits anywhere: great for a cup of tea, a book or the phone...I LOVE it!

 And there are so many versions, different formica top and shapes!

Then I found a single level mini table for £ 12.00 in a Vintage Emporium... I screamed and grabbed it before anybody else!
Now both mini tables sit next to my sofa...and I smile!
( I made the pretty patchwork tissue box cover with vintage fabric....have a look a my tutorial posted a while ago!)

My next job is to find the perfect Vintage sewing box! I remember my own Grandma sewing box, full of intriguing bits and bobs, buttons and ribbons....Paradise!

So these shapes have cought my eye on the market...we shall see if I am lucky!

This one is very elegant and almost " Shaker style"

I like the red woven top of this one!

This one is almost identical to my grandmas' one! Memories......


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