Friday, 23 November 2012

Todays Retro Apron : 60' upcycled fabric Nordic - Scandi Style

I recently discovered a special passion for Vintage Nordic - Scandi fabric: the colours are really vibrant and bright and the prints are kind of 60' flowers ...the kind I really LOVE!



This Apron is inspired to the Nordic Retro Style:

The main fabric is an upcycled Vintage Pillowcase; I kept it lined on both sides to give more body to the apron.

Two large pockets: the way I like!

2 large buttons and gingham ties to finish off, very simple!





Problem: not easy to source this fabric as in the UK and USA the Vintage available prints are kind of different and not usually so bright, so I discovered Junette Bay on Etsy, she has a fantastic selection of bright fabrics and also a very creative Blog!

Also great news:  Michael Miller is introducing a new range of basic fabrics HAPPY TONES in January 2013, they are really fantastic and perfect for this look....I can't wait!!!



And why not....some big novelty prints inspired to the Retro Circus theme! OOOH I love this one!



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