Saturday, 1 December 2012

Best current Dolls: Bratz & Liv Dolls! Part - 3

I love Vintage Barbie, Sindy and Blythe Dolls.

They are pretty and tell a story, and I am part of their story too as I started playing with these dolls in the early 70s' when I was....well a little girl!

Now I am a big girl, but I still enjoy collecting dolls, and I have been adding new friends to my ever growing collection!

First came the Bratz, I liked the fact that they were new and interesting, with great packaging, and lots of fantastic detailed clothes and accessories.

They have "big heads" and lots of make-up, but they are lots of fun, even the Boyz are super cute!




Here are some of my small friends arriving with their Pink Corvette in the Swiss Alps for a Winter Holiday on the Snow!!!

The Boyz are very polite and open the door to Moxi!

Now there is just time for a quick bite in the Chalet kitchen and then.....

It is time to have lots of fun on the slopes!
It is very cold!

Well it is my bed....but with a little bit of imagination a white duvet cover can be the best snow mountain ever!

At night Lagy Goga is in town for a spectacular show ! Hurry up!

                                              Close your eyes and listen to the music!

Then Liv Dolls were born! Initially I did not like them, but then I started to really enjoy their style and accessories....
Come on: there is always space for more!


Unfortunately they are not easy to find in the UK, so it is a bit sad!

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