Thursday, 27 December 2012

Handbags ......are girls best friends!!!

It is not a secret that I love colour, pattern and texture, in all shape and form (toys to fabric) but really what a girl wants, really really wants are bags and shoes.... (and make-up ....and jewellery of course!), but I am a simple girl, and I like my comforts, so I was never one for the high heel and rather collect All Stars in all the colours of the rainbow!

Now HANDBAGS....are a passion starting as far back as I can remember!

I have ...many, all shapes, colour, sizes and style, cheap really as I find that the recent craze for IT bags priced  £500,00 - £ 1000,00 upwords is WRONG! (Well I can't afford them anyway!).

I have been looking for a good investment in the current Sales but I have been disappointed as so far nothing cought my eye and... my pocket size!

However I have noticed 4 super cute candidates, maybe forever a dream but still, too cute to miss the chance of a special notice:


The CUTE one - Anya Hindmarch Marano Clutch, a fun purse which plays music, lights up and snows....all packaging is to die for!!!!

I LOVE THIS ONE!!! Unfortunately it is also very expensive ( Retails £ 865.00 on Sale £ 435.00 !) but it is a real dream bag!

 2 -

The FUN one- If you like colour , Ted Baker current Patent Range in Candy colours is Super and Affordable, ish!

I love the Marketing Retail Displays of  The Sweet Shoppe, a  bright Vintage look you cannot miss!


The QUIRKY one - Lulu Guiness

Clutches and bags so pretty you can't do without!

4 -

The SNOB - Saffiano Leather

I Always liked the texture of this Leather style, only to recently discover that it is called Saffiano, and it is found in best leather manufacturers, such as Gucci, Hermes, Prada, and now DKNY and many more!

Very elegant and one to dream for!


Well.... I keep looking for more beauties....

In the meantime.... Happy New Year! xxx

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