Friday, 7 December 2012

Bambi is coming to town: how to find hidden treasures in London Vintage Markets

This month I have been lucky! I found a few Bambi cuties here and there in London so I would like to show them off with a smile!
As you know I really like Bambi so when I see one, I just ...grab it to join a " large " family!
This an original Bambi Vintage print, a classic Disney style deer with bright colours! I have put it in a frame and it sits on top of my side table.

This is Cath Kidston large paper decoration, it is really sweet and I used some blue tack to fix it to the wall!

On Monday  I visited Covent Garden Antique Market, it opens early Monday mornings, when I saw this Vintage Bambi Brooch I was very excited! I am not sure what it is made of, carved out of wood possibly, really pretty ..... it was mine for £ 5.00 ! I think it is a real cute bargain, isn't it!!??

Few stalls later I then saw this other Bambi Vintage brooch, I could not believe my luck! 2 Bambi finds in less than 15 minutes!
They sit togheter in my lounge Bambi display!!!

This is a tiny Bambi dish, I found it on Ebay, very pretty and tiny!

This is a paper Babycham coaster, got it in Spitafields Vintage Market!

The next 3 Bambi framed pictures are made out of Vintage Playing cards! Tiny and pretty handmade images.

I used cheap Ikea frames and can be displayed on the table or on the wall!

Hope you liked this Bambi "extravaganza"....

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