Saturday, 1 December 2012

Monster High - New Dolls in Town! Part - 4

....So when the Monster High new Dolls came out on the market in 2010 was a "huge" shock!

I really did not like these scary faces, vampire teeth.....they just did not look right to me, next to pretty Barbie, Sindy, Blythe, even Bratz looked innocent girls next to Monsters High!!!!

But a year later, new dolls came out, lots of cute and interesting faces, somewhat weird but kind of almost pretty. I started to buy a couple and suddently I was cought in this new passion for these strange and unusual creatures!

I even got a few vampires.....but still prefer Frankie and Lagoona!!!

What do you think!? There are some crazy collectors out there, I have seen lots of incredible custom made black dollhouses... fantastic!

This is my bit:

Just coming out of a long sleep in a confortable.... "coffin"
( well it is a black carry along travel bag, but a coffin sounds much more in theme and spooky!)

Ready to party in the darkness of the night
( well really it is 4 pm, but we like a bit of drama!)

Some gory music in the background
( the bus 125 is passing by, but this is not romantic enough!)

It is a fancy dress party
( well really it is work clothes 9-5!)

Mr Hyde is going to pick his girlfriend up...which one is it ????

Waiting in a queue for the loo???

We are waiting for the next bus! Give us a smile !!!

I am bored!
Time to go back to sleep!

And remember to close the door!

Hope you enjoyed these 4 Part - Dolls tour from the 1800 to almost 2013!!!

Hey...Don't push! Move your leg....

Well......Next I will be back with more sewing ....... with Vintage Fabrics!!! See you soon!

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