Saturday, 8 December 2012

Home Decor by Colour

I love colour, I am drawn to everyday objects which bring vibrant shades into the home.
These are some simple touches around my HOME!
I found these Vintage Knitting needles in Covent Garden Antique Market on Monday morning! I had been chasing them for a while as I had seen them in other blogs and really liked them!
 I put them in my handmade Jars and I am very pleased!

I have many coloured cotton spools around my place, so I keep a few on view to capture the colours and get inspiration!

This card has been handmade by Olivia, a nice lady from Muswell Hill, and I really like her craft ideas!

This cute S-E-W bunting is stuck on my conservatory window, it's where I create!
( And please note the supercute PINK Christmas Barbie Tree...isn't it a scream!!!)


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