Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Spring 2013 : Retro Chic Fashion - 1

It is sooo cold in London as I believe... "almost everywhere else" in the same latitude.... so it is nice to dream about the coming Spring, anticipating nice Retro Fashion with a wink to the 50's and 60's as inspiration !

I just fell in love with two Fashion labels, one MADE in the UK and the other in the USA!

First let's talk about Ted Baker, the shops are so eccentric and interesting that each one is a mini adventure in itself:
The Regent's St store has a crazy lift with 50 misterious red buttons, each plays a weird catchy song, rime, etc and I love going up and down just to try as many songs as possible, just like a child in a juke box - lift!!!

The Westfield store has fake grass and rabbits on...the ceiling! The Chelsea store has upside down displays stuck on the wall with quintessential old English crockery as to prepare for a weird Alice in Wonderland party! Even the Windows are strange and captivating... FANTASTIC!

Love the china inside a till counter! 

Posh clothes displays in a store abroad!

A very Cuckoo window display!

Some cleaver details here, there,,,everywhere!

Big Corgy dog in the window! Super cute.

Snapshot of a full wall with dressers stuck sideways ...superb !

Some pretty vintage parfum bottles decorate the till desk! Genious.

Upsidedown silver tea party!


Jelly detail!!!! Below a pastel dream in the British countryside....So retro perfect! To be Continued ...


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