Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Passion for retro fabrics and vintage finds....

Well ...it is my first blog insert...and I am already sooo confused! Very poor computer skills!!!
I would like to share my passion for Retro and Vintage textiles and show my latest craft achievements !!!!!

My house is bursting ... I have dollhouses, stacks of fabrics, barbies, design magazines and books, crockery coming out of my years, or under beds, behind furniture....gasp no more room, do not know where to hide from accusatory eyes .... my husband, in-laws, friends...even the postman must think I am crazy when he delivers lots of packages from all over the world ( my latest fabric acquisitions from Japan are the best!!!)

Too busy to find the time: work, kids, chasing new desirable pre-loved items on Ebay and Etsy.....visiting markets and odd charity shops in search of a great new elusive find!!!! I could dive in Barkcloth, or sip a cup of tea from by new/old 60' melamine tea cups, brewed in an elegant Catherine Holm teapot...dream on!

What can I say in my defence... it is so much fun to give a new home to a cute old thing with a secret previous life, I can imagine a storyline....  I am a romantic after all!

I hope I will find new friens to share this crazy passion of mine....I KNOW I AM NOT ALONE!!!!!

xxxxx soon MumRetroDesign

I love vintage Kitchen Tea Towels...this one was on Ebay and unfortunately I did not get it.....very sad as it is so cute!

Bambi .... I have lots of them because they are very sweet and fun to collect.....
Cute bunnies too!
Bambi fabric....to die for!

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