Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I did it...maybe! Here is my new retro sewing blog!

I am very confused...I do not seem to understand how to if  anyone is ever to read this post..please let me know!!!!!

I am new to the fabric world...I got hooked a year ago, at the Stitch Exhibition in Ally Pally, London,  I loved the colours, patterns, textures and designs of Japanese fabrics, in particular Kawaii and Zakka style ( new words to me!!!) and coming home with a huge was the start of a new love story (following years collecting dollhouses, barbi, playmo...) my home is loaded with stacks and you can see in the pictures, also buttons, doilies, lace, ribbons!!!!
Can't recommend enough a course to learn how to use a sewing machine... now quilting and stitching is my passion to create fabulous aprons ( oh yes, I collect these too!), quilted blankets, shawls and scarves, wall art, cushions, bags, mats, bunting...........

I also chase here and there the occasional Bambi, Jedite, retro kitchenalia 60'-70' , scandi style..........,  no more room!

My fave Blogs are  Dottie Angel , Blondieandco, Nikki Trench, Cherise, Ayumill, Kaspara and I am addicted to Etsy and Ebay.

I have a huge collection of sewing magazines and now I am ready to be part of this wonderful new world.

This is my first the scissors fabric and contrasting colours!!!!

xxxx RetroMum

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