Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Still hibernated !!!!

Well just to let you know I am .... still here, just taking a break in this prolonged and cold winter/spring!!!

I had 3 colds in 3 months, a fourth started last night, so I am waiting for the warm weather to come back and lift this lazy cloud which has hovered over my head since the arrival of 2013 really!!!!!

It is hard to stay creative when there is so much going around you or not..... but I have not been totally apathetic : I had a spring clean out which started over a month ago, to stop the confusion inside and out of my brain, and after so many bags filled with years of purchases in books, clothes, trinkets, toys...etc I already feel much better and victorious! ( Still so much to do though!)

Next project is the purchase of a Kitchen Aid food processor and a kitchen island cabinet to start baking!!! ( Currently my kitchen is the size of a cupboard so baking is not an option, although I am sure that anything is possible with a bit of imagination!).

There is also a parallel plan to start a spring diet ( not necessarily a tandem idea with baking!) but fear not as I still have to save a few years to be able to afford the above...but what a dream this is!)

So to cheer us all up here are some cute pictures of little fluffy "possums" still hibernating as "moi", with lots of dreams of an overdue spring and so many things to do and accomplish!

Lots of cuddles from under the blanket, and talking of blankets I have so much fabric stashed away, waiting for sewing that my hands are itching and I hope to be back in a few weeks with the first craft projects pictures!


                                                              oooh .....hush hush .....

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